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RDM-QR Specification


The Goal

The goal of this specification is to specify a uniform method for manufacturers, rental companies and integrators to make the RDM UID accessible on the outside of lighting fixtures. Technicians can use this unique identifier of dmx lighting fixtures without the need to power the device or memorize a serial number. Further implementation and use cases are encouraged. Possible use cases:

  • Automatic addressing of fixtures by linking a fixture number to a RDM UID
  • Error reporting and logging
  • Simplify maintenance processes

The RDM UID will be placed in the form of a QR code on the outside of the fixture. This can be done by the manufacturer or as an aftermarket add on by the integrator or owner of the fixtures. This QR can easily be scanned by technicians with a variety of devices, for example mobile phones or barcode scanners.

The RDM UID Format in the QR Code

The RDM UID should be placed in the QR code in the following specific form:


  • Where the X’s are the devices RDM UID in Hexadecimal with capital A-F.
  • Please note the space between UID: and XXXX-XXXXXXXX
  • Please note the - after the first 4 digits

The QR code in the UID can contain more information. If your fixtures already contain a QR code with for example a website or a serial the UID can simply be added anywhere in the code. We suggest to also print the QR RDM logo close to the QR code containing the UID for easy recognition by technicians.

After Market Generation of QR Codes

There are numerous ways to generate and print QR codes, websites, scripts and applications. ELC's dmXLAN V4.44 or higher has a streamlined implementation to generate this QR codes based on the discovered RDM fixtures.

Example Implementations

As developer of the specification, ELC lighting B.V. has made implementations using the RDM QR:

dmXLAN QR logo dmXLAN QR

dmXLAN QR screenshot

This is how WE do it. With the mobile dmXLAN QR app, available for iOS and Android, it is possible to easily link a physical fixture to a fixture number in a dmXLAN file and automatically address accordingly

One Simple manual step is needed:

  • Simply scan a series of RDM fixtures, linking them to incremental fixture numbers

The rest of the process is automated:

  • These matches are sent to dmXLAN as soon as dmXLAN QR finds dmXLAN on the network
  • dmXLAN will automatically discover new RDM fixtures on connected ELC nodes
  • Newly discovered RDM fixtures will be checked against pending matches
  • If a match is found the fixtures will be addressed according to the dmXLAN file

Each step of this process can be done during any stage of the production process, completely offline in pre-production or with a complete connected and online rig.

dmXLAN F!X logo dmXLAN F!X

dmXLAN F!X is a simple database application to log maintenance events for fixtures based on the RDM UID as unique identifier. It seamless integrates in the dmXLAN ecosystem but also can be used stand alone.

The basic use allows to enter maintenance events entering the RDM UID, either manually or with the use of a barcode scanner. These events are stored in a "time series database", which can be located on any network or cloud drive.

Combining dmXLAN F!X with dmXLAN QR will allow to scan a fixture with a mobile device, and enter the maintenance note directly in the dmXLAN F!X database from the mobile device.

Using dmXLAN all fixture notes can be exported to the dmXLAN F!X database giving useful information to the maintenance department on the history of fixtures and possible persistent issues, bulb replacements and service logs.

Adopting partners

Company Name Type
elc logo ELC lighting B.V. Developer
afr logo Ampco Flashlight Group Rental Company
Ayrton logo Ayrton Manufacturer
Clay paky logo Clay Paky Manufacturer
CLF logo CLF Lighting Manufacturer
Robe logo Robe Lighting Manufacturer
rolight logo Rolight Integrator
sl logo Stagelight Verhuur bv Rental Company


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